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Thread: Getting married 😊

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    Getting married 😊

    Yep. Finally going to happen this spring. How do you wear a wedding ring?(quads)
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    Shouldn't be any different wearing a wedding ring for someone with tetraplegia vs. AB. As far as putting the ring on your bride, I was at a great wedding where the groom had a C4 injury, and he practiced ahead of time with his brother (best man) to put her ring in his mouth at the right time, and then slide it on with it lips. Very sexy, and very cool! Congrats!


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    Been married to NL for almost 50 years. After my injury, I didn't feel comfortable wearing my wedding ring because in rehab we were told that jewelry of any kind, i.e., watches, bracelets, necklaces, rings might catch on wheelchair parts and cause injury.

    I treasure my wedding ring, but a wedding ring doesn't the marriage make.

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    Best wishes for a long, happy marriage. I have been wearing my wedding ring for 51+ years now. It has never been a problem. I have never heard of a wheeler who had a problem wearing a ring of any kind. Our wedding was limited to a $500 budget and took place in our university chapel. The chaplain took charge of the rings. I had him place my wife's ring in the palm of my hand and guided her finger into it with the other. When the tip of her finger was in the ring I tilted my hand while she raised her fingers upward. The ring slid down a bit and I was able to push it on the rest of the way with my index finger. I have kept my fingers from contracting so my hands are open.
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    I don't wear one. Rings tend to be uncomfortable for me.
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    I always wear my ring; never had a problem. After 45+ years, I simply don't remember how we got the ring in place.

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    I wear a crossfit ring, its silicone during handcycle season and a tungsten band in winter. it doesn't get beat up at all like gold does. congrats. nearly 10 yrs here, love it. rep
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    Congrats to you and your bride!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoTWHeeLs View Post
    Yep. Finally going to happen this spring. How do you wear a wedding ring?(quads)
    Do you mean when you are around your wife or when you're out in public alone??... Kidding. I got married last Summer and haven't had any problems wearing mine. I also have a college ring on my other hand so sometimes I roll around the house knocking my rings on my handrims with each push just to make some noise and wake up my lazy dog. The wedding band I was married with is white gold over silver. I only wear that for special occasions. I beat it up really quick. So like fuentejps, I wear tungsten. They are cheap on Amazon so you don't have to worry about buying another if something happens to it. I tried titanium, but that didn't last much longer than the white gold/silver one. A lot of people have told me that the tungsten is a bad idea in case something happens to the finger, as doctors can't cut it off. But that is a bunch of crap. You can youtube videos ( and they'll show you that with a few taps of a hammer the right way it will crack open.


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