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    Commode Chairs

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a commode chair ? I'm looking into getting a new one and was wondering if anyone could recommend one to me. Or even give me a list of them so I can do some research. Thanks.

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    Colin, what have you been using?

    Don't remember, what's your injury level?

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    I've been using a Go Mobility self propelled chair. I'm a T10.

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    Check out these companies' shower/commode chairs in addition to Go Anywhere:


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    I've been using an Invacare mariner for about 15 years. I'm a quad. I replace the seat, back sling and arms every so often. Pretty good, though the back sling leads you to slouch a bit and I put a foam pad behind my back to keep me up straight.

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    The link to GO! Mobility Solutions is:

    There's a special for a free Wheeled Travel Bag worth $169 running until the end of the month. CouponCode "CASE".
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    GO! Mobility Solutions

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    Get a Razdesign. It will be the last chair you have to buy. Very well built and designed.
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    I have Mariner Invacare for 13 years. Easy to buy on Amazon for approx. $ 750 new.
    Changed seat couple of times
    I have even figure out that I can travel with this commode when I disassemble it
    and than all fit nicely in oversized massage table carrying case.
    So far all air carrier's accept to transport this oversized bag with no extra charge when I stated
    that I have shower wheelchair in it. good luck!
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    This is my rolling shower chair. It's six years old and I'm pleased with it.

    Activeaid model 624 SS
    CS phone 800 533 5330

    Original seat part number 60850

    I included the seat part number because they offer two versions of the seat. The standard one lasted a couple of years. When I replaced it, I took the optional upgraded version. It's thicker with better padding and a cover that seems to be much more durable. I think it was about an extra $100 and well worth it. I can't find the part number for the upgraded version.

    If they offer a better quality back pad, I'd get that, too. My six year old back pad has splits in the cover and I need to replace it also.

    The wheel bearings are standard carbon steel (dumb!) and I replaced mine after they rusted and fell apart. For a few dollars extra, you can replace them with stainless steel bearings if you get the chair.

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