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Thread: Standing program with mild contractures?

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    Cool Standing program with mild contractures?

    Hello, Wishing everyone a great day. I have a question for the SCI nurse and anyone that has experience with this.I haven't stood in a few years and I have developed contractures where when stretching the back of my knees have two fingers of space where they can't touch the mat. I've been doing PT for a hip bursitis. They have cleared me to stand. And I just purchased a standing frame. I stood almost straight yesterday for 5 minutes and I'm sore today (in my leg and hip with more feeling). Do you have a recommendation for easing back into a standing routine? Thank you I am very grateful for any advice.
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    I would expect a lot of soreness. Don't over do it. Motrin or tylenol for the soreness might help. Massage to the area of the legs might help. I would even try a little moist heat to the areas of the leg that hurt before the standing to loosen up the muscles, tendons, etc.. By all means, do not quit. After so long, it is going to take awhile to get back into the swing of things.
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    You might also add some prone (laying on your stomach) time to your bed or therapy mat positioning. This is an excellent way to stretch out your hip flexion contractures, and the judicious use of some ankle weights while doing this can also help to stretch out knee flexion contractures (as long as they are not already ossified).


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    Great thank you BugTop and school nurse. I stretched extra yesterday and I feel great today. I will take your advice and slowly work my way up.

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