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    I do not sleep well if at all it seems like. I am on zopilclone and that does not even allow me to get a good nights sleep. I have also been on Temazepam. The temazapam calms me down but doesn't allow me to sleep. It is because of the pain that I cannot sleep and no opiods knock it back enough. If I lay flat the pain subsides slowly but it is always a dull roar. Does any one have a better suggestion for sleep medicine. I am tired and feel like shit all the time. Thanks for any feed back.

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    If the pain is neuropathic, you could consider adding or increasing TCAs, e.g. amitriptyline, and/or AEDs like gabapentin since it's before bed (with the goal of going off the zopiclone, which was not designed as a long-term therapy). If it is musculoskeletal, you might need a different bed or something like a latex overlay if yours does not let you position yourself optimally. Either way, I'd try a low voltage heated mattress pad if you don't have one; it can go above or beneath the mattress even in an adjustable bed and even at the lowest setting (1 of 9) can help. Opiates disrupt the sleep cycle in their own right.

    Depending on the cause and anatomy of the pain, re-evaluating things like how much range of motion exercise you do/get, massage, avoiding screens before bed and other basics (like a humidifier in winter if you wake up stuffy/scratchy, a fan if you need circulation and these are not mutually exclusive) can help as well.

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    It is neuropathic pain. I like the bed I have it has memory foam and is comfortable. I should try the amtripytiline again. I do sleep just not well and I never feel rested.

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    I had the same kind of problems. My wife noticed that I had periods of apnea while sleeping. Went to a sleep clinic, got fitted with a mask and sleep machine. Got used to using it and, now sleep like a baby. Made a world of difference. Could this be your problem?
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    Sleep apnea is not uncommon in people who have spinal cord injury. That is not to minimize tour pain issues, but it may be contributing to both your pain and fatigue. I would consider bringing it up with your physician. It is worth checking out.

    The medications suggested will help with the pain, but that might not be the only issue here.


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