Hi everyone! This is my first post in the forum. I'm writing on behalf of a 33 year-old male quadriplegic, for whom I spent several years caring 24/7. Right now he resides in a nursing facility in Massachusetts, and we're in desperate need of help.

Since moving him to the facility last March, we have encountered constant battles with his care needs, including (but absolutely not limited to): their lack of care led to a pressure sore that has kept him in bed for months; they took control of his SSDI without his knowledge or permission; and they have cut down the length of his nightly bowel regimen several times (it's now at 20 minutes), leading to him experiencing autonomic dysreflexia every night.

The bowel regimen is primarily what I'm here to ask about. Massachusetts apparently has specific, restrictive policies regarding bowel regimens and the performance of digital stimulation, but all research and experience shows that what we've been asking for (digital stimulation every 10 minutes for 60-90 minutes) is what should be done to keep him healthy. So:

How do other quadriplegics handle their bowel regimen in nursing facilities? What does and doesn't work? Are there alternatives we should explore for him?

Thank you for your help!