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Thread: Desperate for Advice for Young Quad in Massachusetts

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    I would also encourage you to set up a time to speak with the director of the facility and the director of nursing. Go prepared with the Guidelines for Neurogenic Bowel care that are posted on line here. During the meeting, I would encourage you to not be accusatory - merely you are trying to inform them of how to prevent the possibility of this young man having a stroke. (that should get their attention). I am sure that you have tried this, but it may be worth another shot.... and I would also get the Massachusetts Walks Again organization involved.

    What about this young man's physician? They have to prescribe the bowel routine.... I would think that they would be concerned that their orders are not being followed.

    Where Can i find the guidelines for neurogenic bowel care you referred to? i looked but couldnt find. thanks

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    You can find both the Autonomic Dysreflexia and Bowel Management clinical practice guidelines here.


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