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Thread: Possible Palm Springs Vacation

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    Possible Palm Springs Vacation

    My wife and I are considering a week-long vacation to Palm Springs, CA in June. Any suggestions or recommendations for accessible activities, hotels, and places to visit would be appreciated. I'm c7 incomplete and get around in a manual chair (good hand function). We're travelling with teenage sons (15 and 13), so we need to find a place to stay and some activities that will be deemed appropriately 'cool'. Personally, I'd like to find some trails where I can give my Freewheel a decent run. We live in the SF Bay area, so this will be a car trip btw. Thank you!

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    Things to do:

    Your kids can rent bikes and explore around the city with you. There are also a number of vendors who have ATV and Jeep or Humvee tours out into the desert. For adults, there are also a number of Native American casinos in the Palm Springs area.

    Living Desert Museum: Pretty good wheelchair accessibility...paths through the exhibits are paved.

    Visit Sunnylands, the former Annenberg estate: gardens, art exhibits, special exhibits:

    Hike in Indian Canyons:

    Take the Palm Springs Aerial Tram to the top of Mt. San Jacinto There are hiking trails you can take here, and at the 6,000 altitude, it will be a lot cooler than in Palm Springs.

    Drive over to Indio and visit a date farm (and buy dates).

    Drive up over the mountain road (Mt. San Jacinto) to Idyllwild for lots of hiking trails, shops, restaurants, galleries and cooler temperatures.

    Drive up through Joshua Tree National National Park (great star gazing here at night too if it is clear).

    It will already be hot in June...daytime temps up in the low 100s F are common by then.

    Lots of places to stay in all price ranges, and virtually every lodging, large or small, has a pool. Plan on spending some time swimming and just laying around the pool and having adult beverages!


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    Fantastic list of suggestions - thank you very much! Will start looking into them.

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    Glad to hear that you're excited to give your FreeWheel a workout! My kids refuse to push me unless I'm using mine!


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    The FreeWheel was a great investment. I wish I was able to get out more often to use it. I keep it with me in the vehicle at all times, just in case. Most of my excursions have been on pavement, though, and I'd like to try and venture out on some light trails to see how things go. What could go wrong?

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