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    Hand cycle

    I've still not Been able to find a dependable, stable hand cycle that won't jump around on the table as I cycle.

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    So I suspect what you are actually looking for is not a handcycle (bike that you propel with arm movement across the ground) but an arm ergometer. What brand are you using now?

    Have you looked at a floor mounted one?

    Or a special table for mounting something like the Saratoga table?


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    I had the same problem with the arm ergometer jumping around while trying to use it. I looked online and saw that the mounting tables were absurdly expensive, so I made a trip to Lowes and built my own. I'll upload pictures later if I remember, but building my own was nice because I could dimension it exactly to fit my wheelchair and height. I hope you can find a good solution since I found this was the only way to get good cardio workout without putting a ton of miles on my every day chair or spending thousands on an actual handcycle. Feel free to send any questions you may have about the design or materials.

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    I would do something like ToastGuard said (I've actually bolted a hand cycle directly to a table before, not difficult). Otherwise go with something more substantial like a Krank Cycle or SCIFIT Pro 1. You could also go with a motorized ergometer or even an FES bike that has an arm cycling component, like the MOTOmed viva 2 that SCI-Nurse referenced.

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    There are several options on the market but quite pricey (anywhere betwee 2,500 and 5,000). Have you thought about one of the large (national gyms ie 24hr Fitness, Golds Gym, etc) . . . I have found that just about all of them carry one of the upper end upper body exercise machines. Just do a google search for upper body exercise cycles and you will see several manufacturers. My experience is that the products that SCI-Nurse listed do not really "get the job done". I am a t-10 para and have used the SCI upperbody machine at my local gym for about two years now . . . best thing I could have done for myself.

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    What hugheswf said. My local golds gym has a krank cycle that I use.
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    vitaglide, I think its back on the market rep
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    Thanks for the replies.
    Thinking about heading to a gym nearby that I know has one. I'm a quad and don't really have any grip. Trying to avoid needing someone to strap my hands to the grips. Anyone have suggestions about a glove that I could just slide on?

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