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Thread: Possible UTI or Other Infection

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    Unhappy Possible UTI or Other Infection

    Good morning everyone. I woke up this morning and noticed something I've never seen before. All around my genitle area there was a yellowish colored puss. I've had many uti's in the past, but I've never seen anything like this. I wear depends for men during the day/night and it was all over that as well. Could this be some sort of uti ? Is there a possibility it could have something to do with my prostate ?

    I've read on several sites online that when there's leaking, the urgency to urinate and frequency of urination especially at night, that it sometimes can be attributed to something with the prostate. I went to a urologist last week and she did an ultrasound of my kidneys and bladder. She said everything looked good and there was no stones. Does that check the prostate ?

    I'm taking 50mg of Myrbetriq and 4mg of Detrol LA in the morning. I've been on it for 3 days. It seems to be helping so far a little bit during the day but at night I always leak. Should I be taking an antibiotic ? Should I talk to a urologist about my prostate ? I'm not sure what to do. My urologist at Shepherd said she wants me to do a bladder augmentation but I really don't want to do that if possible.

    I have bladder botox on the 14th of next month.
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    How do you manage your bladder? Reflex voiding? Intermittent cath? Indwelling catheter??

    Do you mean that pus is coming out of your urethra, or it is coming from the skin on your groin area? Prostate problems don't show up like this, even a prostatitis (which is a chronic infection of the prostate). If it is coming from your urethra, you could have a good case of urethritis. Either way, you should call your urologist on Monday. I assume you are not running a fever nor do you have any other signs or symptoms of infection such as flank pain, AD, suddenly increased spasticity, severe malaise, etc.


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    Sorry for the late response. I cath myself every 4 hours but lately it has been more like every hour. The pus was from my urethra I believe.

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    Call your doc! Especially if you have it again this am.


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