I have managed to develop a new pressure sore on my tailbone, the site of one of my prior stage four pressure sores (other was on my spine.) Relatives got me a Drive Medical LS 9500 low air loss, lateral rotation mattress from the DME which provided my last two mattresses (starting with the Clinidyne low air loss, lateral rotation mattress I loved until it broke down after 2 1/2 years, and couldn't be repaired because Clinidyne was bought by Stryker, which stopped making mattresses. Because it was only 2.5 years, Medicare would not replace it with another low air loss lateral rotation mattress. Fortunately, I had healed by that time.) I first used it last night. This mattress does seem to turn 40 degrees, but it is uncomfortable, and I'm going to have to adjust one of the turned positions possibly, because it seemed to cause dysreflexia. A lot of settings have to be set to prepare it for turning, and turned off to get it ready for me to be turned for dressing, wound care, etc. When it is turning, I can't use my TV remote on it because of the position of the bolsters.

Does anyone have, or have experience with, one of these mattresses?

Thank you.