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Thread: Spinergy carbon blade wheels

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    Spinergy carbon blade wheels

    Has anybody tried the new Spinergy carbon blade wheels? I decided to splurge on a pair with my new TR3 and thought I'd leave a few thoughts about them.

    For reference, I was using Golz twin-start wheels. The Spinergy definitely provide a smoother ride going over bumps. They seem a bit more rigid laterally, but it's subtle enough I don't notice unless focusing on it. The reduced weight is awesome when loading the wheels into my car. I never thought the Golz were anywhere close to being "heavy", but there's a noticeable difference when tossing the Spinergys into the back seat (can feel it in my shoulder).

    The only problem I've had is the bead on my marathon plus tire is damaged (yes, came like this...), so the tire slips off the rim if inflated past 100 PSI (just one wheel, the other inflates to 125 just fine). I really like running my Golz at 125, so I cant wait to replace the tire and run at the "proper" pressure

    So, the $1000 question (literally): are these wheels worth the extra money? They look great, and my shoulders love how easy they are to fling into the back seat, but I just don't see these being worth the extra $400 vs. a pair of Golz or Spinergy LX.

    Sorry for rambling, just figured I'd post some quick thoughts about these new wheels since I haven't seen anything on them before.

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    ive got them and they are good, but mine dont have the cf rim or hub, just the blades :/ dont know why maybe theres different types, or i could just have the shitty downgraded uk version :P they are a little bit more akward to get your fingers inbetween for taking them off the chair but i like the look of them and they are really light especially with shwalbe one tyres on

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    Well, you can't get the Golz from Tilite anymore. Not sure why they haven't updated the website in the last year? Oh yeah, I remember, they were bought and and have gone to crap!
    I would say the carbon blades are pretty similar to the Topolino and have a very stiff ride and the extra number of spokes can make it awkward when removing wheels. The weight saving will be minimal, if any, and with the marathon plus, kinda throws that out the window anyway. The LX are still the way to go, imo. I really liked my Golz, seem very close in weight to the LX and the ride seem to be in between the 2 as far as stiffness, but they were discontinued when I got my new chair last February.

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    Yeah, I actually loved my Golz. Used a pair almost exclusively for 3.5 years. I took my Golz on a trip for New Years (didn't trust the airline with CF wheels). Turns out it was a smart move! I was in a huge crowd and someone slammed into me from the side and broke/bent one of the spokes. I didn't realize they were discontinued. Guess I know why the DME hasn't gotten back to me about a replacement

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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    They still make them. TiLite just doesn't offer them as an option anymore.

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