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Thread: Softwheel : suspension wheel : anyone try these?

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    I can imagine with any suspension you're gonna lean to the outside on hard turns, which would be kind of annoying, but I'm sure you'd get used to it.

    Loopwheels are less than half the price of these though (if we are to believe the prices on the websites).

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    Quote Originally Posted by chasmengr View Post
    Yes, please
    I definitely will! I have other wheels to change out with if I end up not liking them but I have a friend who has had softwheels for about a week and while I'm waiting for her 'official' comment she seems pretty pleased with them.

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    I got a set of these to try out.
    The good: If you want to jump "down" curbs a foot high, or play in a skate board park. Maybe live in a city with bad sidewalks like NO or anywhere in the north US.
    The bad: Heavy. $2500. They clack when you use them. They seem to feel heavy to push. As if you are pushing on carpet.
    The weird: The sales guy said they reduce vibration by 80% and made pushing easier, because they return over 100% of your push. I must have missed that day in physics class.
    I ran them across some cobble stones and with my front wheels on the ground couldn't tell any difference. A friend of mine tried them (she has neuro-pathy), she couldn't stand them.
    The guy selling loop wheels said the same thing about vibration and pushing.
    I did a few tests to get my results. I put a little bell on a piece of stiff wire attached to the frame. It jingled the same amount, with or without the fancy wheels. I pulled the chair with a fish scale and the effort measured the same with or without the fancy wheels. (Had my normal Tilite wheels on. No i didn't drag the chair with no wheels at all.) I tried using the scale to turn the wheels, but no diff there either.
    I did my coast test. I coast the chair down a small hill over a measured distance and time it. I do it 6 to 10 times per test to get an average. No difference in the wheels.
    dats all i know
    Conclusion: I wouldn't use them if you gave them to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baldfatdad View Post
    I wouldn't use them if you gave them to me.
    That is quite an offer BFD. Half of the offer is a certainty

    Is that wheel the wheelchair industry answer to the Triumph motorcycle sprung hub from the 30's??

    It looks to be a potential constant maintenance schedule. I could be wrong but.....the old adage "A fool and his money are soon parted" comes to mind.

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    Here is another option

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    My Numotion sales guy pushed them on me when I ordered my chair. He gave me the heavy sales pitch and then I did some looking into them......They are HEAVY. I bought a set of Carbon Blades instead :-).

    I will say there is a difference in vibration and shock absorption between the Carbon Blades and the stock Shadow wheels. I can totally feel that the Carbon Blades are smoother then the Shadows. The PBO spokes do what they are supposed to.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Yadier View Post
    Here is another option
    I was at an expo and the guy selling Loop wheels was there. He and the guy from the soft wheels must have gone to the same sales school. He said almost word for word the same sales pitch.

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