This has been discussed several times on this forum but would like to renew a post and ask some questions. I have struggled for years with UTI's and just recently came across the use of Hydrogen Peroxide and a flush and also Microcyn. I have read Bob Clark post on his H202 flush. And Leila post on Microcyn.
After reading this I have tried both treatments. I have started with with buying a 60ml Catheter Tip Syringe on amazon and Vetericyn VF Wound & Infection Treatment 16oz Trigger on Amazon.

I had uti symptoms present so I first instilled 60cc Vetericyn in my bladder for 5-10 mins. This cleared up my cloudiness and smell instantly. I have reoccurring symptoms every couple days. So I have instilled 20cc after cathing and hold it in as long as I can. This has seem to work but only temporarily. So I was thinking I'm colonisted and just need to do it more frequently and also try to flush my urethra.

To flush my urethra, I started with H202. 20 cc and inserted my catheter only part way up my urethra. I could see a lit bit a foam from the H202 so I thought this is a good sign that it was killing bugs! This didn't give me any adverse affects so far. I have also flush my urethra with Vetericyn but not sure if its doing anything plus it's expensive.

So anyone that has used Vetericyn or H202. Let me know if you have had any long term issues using these treatments. Maybe a different practice to clear up my symptoms for a longer period of time. I'd like not to have to get on antibiotics monthly. Al thou since I started the Microcyn flush I have not been on antibiotics.