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Thread: Adventure Rehab Camp

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    Adventure Rehab Camp

    I wanted to share a new venture that my nonprofit is undertaking. We are offering a 7-day Adventure Rehab Camp that incorporates physical therapy principles with adaptive sport recreation and tourist outings - located in the beautiful mountain town of Bend, OR! I am looking for individuals who are interested in becoming part of our first cohort, or others who can offer insight and advice to strengthen our program. Right now we are primarily volunteer driven, and we are looking for distinct ways to improve quality of life for individuals with paralysis.
    Please feel free to contact me at and check out our website: for information.
    Thanks for your support!
    ~ Carol-Ann Nelson, PT, DPT, founder of Destination Rehab

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    Get hold of the other programs like yours in Winter Park CO, Breckenridge CO, Park City UT. They can tell you where to aim.

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