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Thread: Using a power chair in the snow

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    Have the snows on my F3 The tread is not very aggressive so dozen't affect ride. They are a softer compound but will leave them on all year. If they help I can't tell.

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    I am more concerned about more significant amounts of snow. Or the situation when snow plows push the snow from the street to the curb and create piles of snow at the intersections when crossing the street. I have, in the past, been stuck in the snow four times. Fortunately, in each episode a helpful passer-by pushed me out of my predicament. These occurred in a Tilite ZRa with e-motion wheels.

    My single, best effort was the time I left a meeting and was heading back to my vehicle in a ramp across the street. Because of the short distance I didn't bother to use my chest strap to secure myself. An encounter with a mound of snow and the tracks of a light rail train caused me to spasm. I was thrown across the tracks - my chair slowly rolling away from me. Naturally, a train was approaching. The driver immediately and instinctively executed their emergency training - and honked the horn. The train did not slow down of course. I lunged after my chair - barely catching the footrest. I dragged the chair back and - I don't know how - managed to partially get on the chair and roll off of the tracks. The train never slowed down. Of course, I was a mess, covered in dirty snow. I figure that I missed making the evening news by about ten seconds. You know the story- "idiot in wheelchair fails to get out of the way - gets run over by train", that sort of thing.

    I have a tendency to get out in marginal weather with the previously mentioned consequences. That is why I'm a little concerned about the potential problems with a much bigger machine.

    I suppose that the only way to truly know what would happen would be to actually go out in the stuff and take my chances. Maybe with the bigger chair next time I can take on that mean train.

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    I once had to call my local police to come and get me ... that was in my manual chair though and I was stuck on complete ice after having slipped down a sidewalk precariously close to a curb. They came quickly because it was cold as hell.
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    Here is a clever idea for a manual chair, using plastic wire ties.

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