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Thread: Working 2 Walk Panel Discussion with Carrie Shogren and Nick Terrafranca

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    Thumbs up Working 2 Walk Panel Discussion with Carrie Shogren and Nick Terrafranca

    The Working 2 Walk audience asks questions about the presentations given by Ms. Shogren and Dr. Terrafranca.

    Nick Terrafranca is the CEO of NeuroRecovery Technologies, Inc.

    Carrie shogren OTR/L Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute Outpatient, Independent Living Services, Transitional Rehab Program and now the ABLE programs. NeuroRecovery Network (NRN) Community Fitness and Wellness Facility Supervisor.


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    Thanks Grammy. very hopeful.

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    And there are still many questions to be asked. For example it was said that the autonomic system got improvements in regards to blood pressure, perspiration or that patients saying that they feel their body like being turned on, or the sensation and BBS function improvements.
    Now the question is, the quadriplegics that got the upper body stimulator, beside getting arm/hand function improvement, did they get any of the other improvements mentioned above?
    I'm asking this because I don't know how the stimulator exactly works and I'm just assuming that if you're only aiming to improve the arm/hand function, the lower body won't be stimulated and so there will not be any other kind of improvement recovered.
    I wish I'm wrong, because if that's the case, then for a quadriplegic in order to get the autonomic, BBS functions improved, will require a more complicated therapy. Does anyone here have an idea on how that works?
    I'm also wondering what kind of training/physio is done during the trials

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