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Thread: Knee pain caused by foot problems?

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    Knee pain caused by foot problems?

    I have Spina Bifida and a tethered cord. I am mobile but have some nerve damage and muscle atrophy (especially in my right leg). I have been suffering with right knee pain for 2-3 months now. I have rheumatoid arthritis and began treatment for it in December but my knee pain is a different kind of pain. Its more just a constant soreness. When I lay down on my back my right foot flops outward just shy of touching the bed. I have tried holding my foot in a more upright/natural position but within seconds I get searing/burning pain in my low back/butt and leg. I think my walking is also affected by the nerve damage although my limp isn't super obvious. Could the way I'm walking or my floppy foot be causing my knee pain? If so what can I do about it?

    I play wheelchair sports and am planning to try wheelchair racing soon. I'm worried about the sitting position aggravating my knee pain. I'll be using a loaner chair provided by the organization and I'm not sure what kind of seating options they will have. As it is, when I play wheelchair soccer and basketball I have to frequently stretch out my knee as bending it at 90 degrees makes it really sore. Anyways, I really want to try and relieve the pain and soreness so I can participate in wheelchair sports with less pain.

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    Wondering if you have had xray of right hip and knee? If so, what were findings?
    Also, are you using a good cushion in your chair? I'm assuming you use a cushion when using any other chair, such as for ball sports and track/racing chair.
    It would help to check things out so any possible further trouble is minimized.

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    I haven't had an xray on that knee in years. Last time they said it was bursitis, but it went away on its own after a couple of weeks. My cord is re-tethered and I'm having more mobility issues now.

    I don't have an everyday chair yet (insurance denied it and my appeal), but I was planning on getting a honeycomb cushion when I do get one. I love the roho cushions but they are to pricey for me. The all court sports chairs just have foam cushions. The footplate is too low for me, my feet touch but the ball rolls off my lap. I try to borrow a foam foot block when it's available and I just made my own (haven't gotten to test it yet). I have no idea what the seating will be in the racing chairs.

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