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Thread: In dwelling Foley catheter

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    No. I was referring to the OP stating that the Foley was only changed every 3-4 weeks, but also stating the use of ic when in a place where ic was possible. I was just wondering how a monthly Foley change could coexist with ic. Ic in the day and Foley at night would mean more than one Foley change per month.

    I was wondering mainly about that person's health.
    CCS/Walker's a long story

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    This is an old post. Just wanted to clarify how I do both. If I'm using a Foley, I use a Foley and take a break from it for awhile until I am going somewhere that I could benefit from not finding a place to drain.
    It's all a moot point. I have started using all in one system. It's a life changer. Although, I'm still waking up wet sometimes

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