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    Joystick Handle

    I've been using a rounded T-style joystick handle for years. Although it's not right for everyone, it works well for me. When I purchased a used wheelchair as a spare, I wanted another handle. After searching several websites, I finally found one. The only problem is they wanted $180! At that price, I just decided to move the handle from one wheelchair to the other when needed.

    I own an electronics store, and with the advent of cheap 3D printers, I thought we could duplicate the handle fairly easily. One of my employees did the 3D design and after printing a couple prototypes we got the design where I wanted. I now have my spare joystick handle at a much lower cost!

    The pictures shown are before doing a little sanding. Also the hole had to be drilled out slightly. I actually like it better than the original because the surface is not as slippery. If anyone is interested, you can download the 3D design at There are also other joystick handles on this website.

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    A great idea. 3-D printers have the potential to customize things for us far beyond past limits.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

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