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Thread: Cruise Ship - services

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    Cruise Ship - services

    Does anyone know if any cruise ships offer care/attendant services?

    If not, aside from having family or friends assist, or bringing along your existing pca on the trip, what have you done?

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    No, all cruise lines that I am familiar with make it very clear in their Conditions of Contract that they provide no personal care assistance, and that a person with a disability who requires assistance must travel with a person who can and will provide that care.

    There have been cases of PWD purchasing a cruise, and then once they were at sea, calling their cabin steward or butler (for suites) to come help them transfer, dress, etc. In pretty much ever instance I know of, the PWD was put ashore at the next port, and forfeited the remaining of their ticket price to boot (and had to pay for their own flight home).

    I used to go on cruises with my parents and serve as my mother's PCA because her usual PCA could not travel (she had another job as well). Prior to that, my dad helped my mother with her care. If you don't have a family member or friend who is willing to do this, then you would need to explore hiring a PCA just for the trip, or negotiating with your existing PCA. Of course you would need to pay for the costs of the cruise for the PCA (cruise fare, air travel, etc.) and most would also require you to pay their usual fee during the time they are providing for your care. You need to make it very clear regarding their time off...if they are on-call for you 24/7 and can't plan and use their free time as they wish, you may have to pay them to be on call.

    We did take my mother's attendant on one cruise one time. She and I divided up my mother's care, and any that she did she was paid for. When she was "off duty" she did whatever she wanted around the ship or ashore. Only if we asked her to accompany us on our shore excursions did we pay for those for her. She shared a cabin with us, and we paid for her cabin. We did not have any airfare for that cruise, but we would have paid it if that had been the case.


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