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Thread: Looking to buy Standing power chair asap have $$

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    Looking to buy Standing power chair asap have $$

    Hi Forum,

    I am trying to help a friend find a used power standing wheelchair that works asap. He has his funds ready and looking to purchase soon. Will you please pass the word around and let me know. If you know anyone please send me contact information. So he can contact them and trying and do this Thanks for reading.

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    One listed in Minneapolis on Craig's list

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    Thanks guys really appreciate the info. I will forward these to my friend.

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    Contact Linsey at hes an honest guy and a fellow wheeler. I've done business with him a few times with no issues ...

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    Thanks GJ2 I will definitely reach out to him. My friends is a Quadriplegic and ordered his permobil stander. Which of course is going to take a couple of months to arrive. Well he's having flap surgery prior. He needs to find a standing chair. So of course when he's not in bed off the flap surgery> He can help alleviate pressure on his back side by standing. Thanks again and have a great day!

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