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Thread: My "baby fanny pack"

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    Talking My "baby fanny pack"

    So in lieu of a trip to Disneylandwith my 14mo twins,I wanted to find a solution where I can carry one of my twins on my lap safely and wheel around Disneyland without having to hold them. I found a cheap solution and it's working as planned. The pic with my son and Daffy, you can barely see the straps and when he or she is not in my lap I can keep the straps around my waist and tuck the result under my shirt. The video is of my daughter when we were cruising California Adventures. I have a Smartdrive MX2 so I was able to video with my iPhone, push, and steer without having to hold my daughter. This is onlybsuggested to infants that have strong sitting balance.

    The Washable Portable Travel High Chair Booster Baby Seat with straps Toddler Safety...
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    So cute. The photo looks like a professional shot.
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    Thanks, my wife took it with my DSLR.

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    Nice work.
    we have a "Wriggle Wrapper" by phil & ted !

    Exactly like your idea, just more velcro and buckles... it's designed to strap a child to a regular chair etc.

    but works really well for strapping to your lap while in a chair etc..

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