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    Speechless TV Show

    I stream online so I'm not sure what network airs it, but this show is terrific!

    The main actor has a degree of CP (cerebral palsy) but plays it worse in the show with a computer tablet for communication with eye laser.

    This week's episode was on faulty equipment and inspiration porn.

    Loving the other characters (siblings) and their stories as well in growing up with a disabled child in the family.

    Love it! Anyone else watching?

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    Yes, I stumbeled across it only once, about a week ago. It was amazing. I saw the episode with the 'big black guy' caregiver, ...the one where he takes the disabled young man to the restroom, and the Mom goes in, thinking she is needed, but hears the upbeat, helpful attendant already handling the situation. Loved it. I didn't even remember the name of the show. Thanks, lynnifer.
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    Excuse me, "There's no handicap placcard on your car!"

    This show has some good lines in it!

    I remember when a senior man came up to me at the grocery store parking lot. I just pulled in to wheelchair van access spot and he said to me, "You know you just parked in handicap parking. ... he went on his riot act to me while his wife was tugging at his arm saying, "Hon come on ..." After he got done with his speech to me. I gave him my speech!

    He needed his wife's help to pull his foot out of his mouth. He walked away beat red and shaken.

    He thought I was some young lazy punk who wanted to abused handicap parking.

    Speechless has some good lines and some good points too; ramp issue.

    It's at pay by episode.


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    I know on my apple tv it's on NBC as I remember, I think all the episodes are still there
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