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    Baclofen pump

    i have a question about baclofen pumps. Does anyone in here have 1? if so what for?did it help? Can you exercise with it? Does it make you gain weight? ty in advanced!
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    I corrected your spelling. Here is a long thread of discussion about can find more by using "baclofen pump" as your search terms.


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    Baclofen pump is for spasticity which includes actual spasms and tone/stiffness and is only done if no medications work or there are side effects from them. The catheter is inserted into the Cerebrospinal fluid so it is much less than pills.
    Your program is individualized but the dose is low and is slowly increased as needed with your input. You have to have it refilled by a provider that refills and manages spasticity. The pump lays under your skin and in a pocket of fat.

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    ty, yes I have seen the infomercial about the pump.
    I am looking, very diligently for someone who knows how the pumps work for people with a syrinx above the level of injury?
    Does the pump actually sedate the Spinal Cord and CNS?
    The bladder? Does it sedate the syrinx itself?
    ty again!

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    just got the pump 3 months ago, I wish I got it sooner - helped a lot with spasticity
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    Have one for four years now life changing. Extremely bad spasms that caused accidents while driving. I could not even be intimate with my wife because spams we're so bad. Changed everything quality of life how long I can sit in my chair. No weight gain at all. Exercise no problem just try not to lean on it maybe if you are lifting weights.

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    SHould not effect much at all in your life other than make your spasticity more manageable. You may need to learn a few new ways of doing things since you ay have adapted to your spasticity, but if it works it should give you a new lease on life.

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    Not sure whether I should even post my truth. I hate my pump and am hoping for either a new drug or stim device that could replace it by the time the battery goes on it. I def agree it's for when nothing else works. I didn't anticipate how the clip in my back and various twinges or the constant concern about dislodging the catheter or losing a sleeping position would bother me. It reduced my spasticity a lot but not my pain. I tried loads n loads of drugs before finally getting the pump. I tried all the spasticity drugs as well as the muscle injury drugs and marijuana. I wish I'd tried 4-Ap, LDN and any possible other thing first. I say as a last resort it's better than having HORRIBLE brain-bursting spasticity. Short of that, I'd go without.

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    I think that it is fine for you to post your opinion and experience. In fact, we encourage it. No one procedure is for everyone and you need to have the pros and cons before making the decision. This is one of those procedures that you generally love, because itsolvd your problem (Or at least made it ore bearable) or hate, because of issues that creep up or problems that occur. It never hurts to hear both sides of the story.

    BTW- have you spoken with your physician about your concerns and problems. A baclofen pump usually does not decrease pain, unless it is directly related to your spaticity. However, issue with the clip,etc might be able to be reoved.


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