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Thread: Anyone been to Lake Tahoe?

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    Anyone been to Lake Tahoe?

    Planning a trip to Tahoe this summer and would like to rent a house rather than hotel. Also, what are the best activities, other than gambling, for wheelers? Pontoon boat rentals? Many thanks!

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    North Shore (California) or South Shore (Nevada)? There is gambling only on the Nevada side.

    Unfortunately, this site has no listings for the greater Lake Tahoe area:
    AirBnB lists a few homes around Tahoe that are wheelchair accessible. You would have to verify the actual accommodations with the host.

    There are a number of nice drives in the area. Will you have a vehicle? Definitely plan to drive all the way around the lake. You can go into Reno pretty easily from the North Shore, and you are also close there to Truckee and to Donner Memorial State Park (where the Donner Party disaster took place). If you are into fishing, there is a lot of good fishing in both Lake Tahoe (big trout) and in local streams, esp. the Truckee River. Some of the gondolas at the ski resorts (like Heavenly Valley) that take people up to see the views in the summer are accessible. There is a tour boat out of Tahoe City which is wheelchair accessible (lower deck only) which gives lake tours:


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    Thanks KLD! I appreciate your input!

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    I'd recommend North Lake Tahoe area - it's a bit more level and easier to navigate. Squaw Valley is fairly accessible, and I'd recommend taking the Squaw Valley Aerial Tram to check out the views. Once you get to the top you'll need some patience to navigate the various lifts to get around the restaurant area and make your way to the trails - but it's worth it. Great opportunity to try out a FreeWheel if you're a manual wheelchair user. If you do decide to spend a night or two at a hotel, I highly recommend the Resort at Squaw Creek. The entire hotel was very accessible and the staff were terrific. A somewhat more adventurous friend recommended trying out accessible kayaking, which is apparently available. I haven't tried that one out yet. So much to do in the area - I just love it.

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