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Thread: Ride Designs Seats & Backrests

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    Just got my Ride today*
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    I have a custom RIDE cushion which is velcro-ed into a seat/back plastic one piece orthotic.
    I've posted photos of it on another thread here.
    The cushion itself is approx 4 or 5 inches at front.
    The rear part where the ischials are suspended is
    approx 3/4 inch. I'm a long time female para T 5 and have always done all independent transfers. Ive lost strength however, due to bed rest for an Ischial wound, which is why I need the RIDE seating. No way can I independently transfer to or from the cushion...Too high, too deep. It's like coming out of an old school bucket seat. But it will depend on your upper body strength, and how the cushion is developed. Until I'm able again, my husband is lifting me in and out to avoid shear on wound area. So as KLD said, will depend on customization. But for sure, it will be more difficult and take more energy to transfer than a flat ROHO or similar. Gotta weigh cost/benefit!

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    No problems at all using hoyer traveling barrier free at home
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    I use a Ride Java and it's been effective in preventing pressure sores. I'm a very active T7-T8 complete Asia A and I work 8-9 hot days and I am a father of twins, so I'm in my chair 14-18 hrs a day easily. I use this with my Roho jet stream carbon fiber medium back active contour (shallower depth) and it's very comfortable. Next purchase will probably be a deeper counter 4" for a little more support lateral and shorter back

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    My Ride cushion has been good at preventing sores, but the back doesn't seem to help anything.

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