Sept 5 went to the ER after suddenly being unable to stand. no warnings, no sudden injuries.
MRI showed T7 and T8 bulging against my spinal cord. Emergency surgery the next day on the 6th. Not only can I not move anything but I have no feeling below the waist.(following surgery). At first they thought it was transverse myelitis. then decided on spinal stroke. (was at a different hospital by this time). With a couple weeks I started to swell up in the abdominal area, legs, etc. So swollen I couldn't even sit up. Got to Johns Hopkins at some point. The day after I got there they had to rapid response me. On the way to the SICU my HR dropped to 30. Turns out I had a GI bleed on my R side. Unknown how it started. I ended up getting 8units of PRBC within a week. Had angioplasty which showed very abnormal spinal arteries but apparently no bad enough to fix. I also had a blood clot in my L leg as well as an old on in my R leg. From Hopkins I went to University of Maryland Rehabilitation & Orthopaedic Institute where I spent 3 weeks, then to subacute rehab. then home for about 3 weeks in dec.

on Dec 28th I went back to the hospital because of concerns regarding my wounds. I have pressure wounds on both outer ankles. Turns out I have an infection to the bone. I have wound vacs on my ankles.
I'm now in DE for wound management and long term IV antibiotics.

i'm very frustrated at my lack of progress. Maybe i'm just inpatient? (it's been 4months).
I have an appointment with "Physical medicine and rehabilitation" johns Hopkins.

I've seen info regarding spinal implants and stem cell ..... so ... who knows.

to make it all worse. My mom died the day after my sept 6th surgery.