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Thread: Hotel room in Charolette NC

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    Hotel room in Charolette NC

    Hey guys
    My father and I are planning on driving from Alberta to Charlette for the NASCAR all star and Coke 600 races in May and hit all the shops and stores since we'll be in the home of stock car racing.

    Just wondering if any locals or race fans can advice me on a hotel accessable with a roll in shower close to the track. My father is more carefull with his money and it seems finding a nice accessable room is more costly than most, especially when a huge event is on like a race that draws in 100,000 people or more.

    Thanks for the tips my fellow red necks
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    Hotels with 50 or or more rooms are required to have one accessible room with a roll-in shower. The smaller motor-inns won't have them. You'll need to look at the ones on Trip Advisor with the mid-range hotel chains. Prices can be higher for everyone because there's a big event in town but they can't charge you more just for an accessible room.

    Deal directly with the hotel manager or in-house reservations staff by phone when booking a room. Make sure they send you an e-mail follow up stating that they have blocked an accessible room with a roll-in shower for the dates you requested. If you don't get the e-mail, call the hotel back. Before you travel, call them again to confirm the room is waiting for you.
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    The issue is not accessibility but supply and demand.!2d35.3522053

    When you have something as big as NASCAR that can bring in about 100,000 to 300,000 people in a weekend and a lot of fans needing hotel rooms.

    You can pull up the track on Google maps then search hotels in the area. You can also plug in the dates and get a snap shot of rates.

    If you check the week before prices they really drop but the week of the race some of these hotels triple!

    The best rate I found was a smaller budget hotel Whndum brand Microtel at 2 queen beds with roll in shower for
    $109 a night.

    You can book the room with a credit card hold. Meaning you can cancel up till the day of.

    Its 15 min to the track and 11 miles.

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