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Thread: Bedside urinary drain bags FREE

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    Bedside urinary drain bags FREE

    I have about 30-35 BRAND NEW, UNOPENED 2000ml bedside urinary drain bags that I do not use. Insurance was paying for them and getting them sent to me with my leg bags, but I don't like to use the bedside bags. I don't want to throw them away, so would much rather give them to someone that can use them. I do not want any money for them, all I need is an address to send them to and they are yours. Just reply and shoot me a message if you are interested. Happy New Year!


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    i sent you a PM also if you still have the bard ones i could use them.
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    Hey everyone, I got several responses, so will be sorting through them shortly. Just been very busy lately. I don't have a big enough box to send them all to one person, so will probably pick 2 or 3 people to send them to. Will try to get to your responses this weekend. Thanks.

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    Bags are gone. Hopefully they will help you guys out!

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