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Thread: Seeking a physician in DC metro area familiar with managing a cervical syrinx

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    Seeking a physician in DC metro area familiar with managing a cervical syrinx

    Hey all,
    My friend is seeking referrals for physicians in the DC area who are familiar with proper monitoring and management of a cervical syrinx possibly causing some symptoms.

    Her PMH: severe whiplash 2009, MRI showed cervical syrinx 2/2010, no symptoms. Second MRI 12/2010 no change in syrinx.

    Following intubation for an an un-related surgery in June 2016, started having numbness and tingling on the bottom of both feet. Following second surgery November 2016 symptoms in feet worsened/tingling got stronger,
    started to have tingling from the knee down. New MRI 12/31/16 shows the syrinx is larger than previously viewed.

    Any assistance you all may have would be greatly appreciated. Pam

    It takes a community...........

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    Maybe UVA can help with this? They have a decent spinal medicine dept., not a great one though. Can her physiatrist recommend a doctor local to you? I go to Mount Vernon hospital, but have no idea if they have any expertise with this condition. Sorry I couldn't help more, best of luck to your friend.

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    You might be able to get a referral to an experienced neurosurgeon at either Johns Hopkins, or through the outpatient SCI clinic at National Rehabilitation Hospital in Bethesda. Of course the two main centers for surgical management of syringomyelia continue to be at Swedish/Craig hospital in Denver (Englewood, CO) and the University of Miami (FL). Many people here have traveled to one of these centers for either a second opinion or their actual surgery.


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