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Thread: Riding in car too long?

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    Riding in car too long?

    Can riding in a car too long (4 hours) cause damage to the blood vessels in the legs? My husband (T12-L1) has problems with his legs swelling. There are times when he's in a car for 4 hours straight and unable to move his legs very much. Recently he was in his chair for approx. 8 hours and then had a 4 hour car ride. His nerve pain has been worse lately. I'm wondering if being upright for so long could cause that; and, if so, could it cause permanent damage? (He does wear compression socks.)

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    Whether disabled or not it's a good idea to stop a long trip every hour or so and move around to the extent possible. See the following WebMD article...

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    Thank you for the info. That's a good reminder!

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    With legs down there is more edema and pooling of blood. Also more chance of developing blood clots. He should try and elevate his legs if possible and move them every 30 minutes. Does he have compression hose? Edema can make pain worse but neuropathic pain can just be there.

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    How does this compare with riding a wheelchair for the entire day? Legs are down over 10 hours...

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    Not sure. Maybe the angle?. Moves his legs/repositioned legs more in wheelchair? Can't think what else riding in a car would do.

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