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Thread: Wheel Lock Push Handle Repair

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChesBay View Post
    If you put in the model chair, you can follow it down to the individual part, right down to a nut or bolt. Not knowing what model break / chair the first link is an example if you look at the diagram the handle is #4 , then look on price list and the part is $10.00.
    The seond link lists all Ti Lite models, you should be able to identify your husband's chair , go to 'brake' identify the part in the diagram and use the part number in the price list to see the price ( they do differentiate between left and right brake)

    post the model of chair and i will try to look up part if you'd like.

    Thank you.

    He's in a TiLite ZRA

    The online retail parts companies I usually buy from sell brakes by the pair and the price is around 80 plus shipping. That's why I wanted to try tape first

    Thank you again.

    I put the electrical tape over the torn foam after he was out of the chair tonight. We'll see how Sunday goes and then I'll check with SW medical on Monday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donno View Post
    I have a five brand new ones. I no longer have anything to use them on and will be happy to share the ones I have. PM me and I'll ship out what I have to the first few folks to request them.

    That's incredibly kind of you.

    Let's see how the electrical tape works when he gets back into the chair tomorrow.

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