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Thread: Smoke weed everyday

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    Quote Originally Posted by JacksonsGirl View Post
    With the increased availability of this option, I'm wondering if I should look into it for my husband. He has burning so badly in his legs and bottom. Has anyone else had luck with it reducing or curing neuro pain? He actually uses it sometimes, but not in a "real" , medical kind of way.. just whatever is on the streets. Haven't noticed whether it helps or not. I'm thinking something more medical and created for the situation. As it stands, Xanax is all that seems to work for the burning. It works, but as you know, over time, tolerance is developed. Which is of course along with the other negative aspects of the drug.
    Unless you have medical marijuana available and can experiment with different strains/oils it would be tough to find one that is effective.
    I have 'burning butt' and have used Elavil (amitriptyline) for over 20 years. It is very effective. 20 mg morning & night.

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    Great thread! Thank everyone who posted for posting.

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    I'm glad someone brought up experimenting with the various strains. I find no pain relief for my various SCI related pain modalities; central pain, etc. I also have arthritic hands that do respond. I find no spasm relief no matter the strain.

    I have access to a variety through the medical program in CT and the pharmacist was knowledgeable about the strains and effects as well as my condition/issues which surprised me and he was really proud of his scientific knowledge, a true professional. I currently have about 6 different strains at home legally, played with herb since the 70s.

    Some strains actually increase my pain dramatically. it wakes up the body, including the pain and then I focus on it and can't clear it from my awareness.

    CBD oil has had no effect for me.

    I think it is a worthwhile avenue to pursue, but not the panacea some would suggest. I find it like so many meds they give SCIs, may or may not work and may have unexpected//unwanted side effects.

    That said, happy to have it available. -ket

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    Hmm, my husband did try Elavil (amitriptyline) for a short while. We were never sure whether it helped or not, because he slept 24 hours a day as soon as he started taking it . He would literally just get up to cath, maybe get a drink, and right back to sleep. I wonder if that side effect would stop eventually?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JacksonsGirl View Post
    Hmm, my husband did try Elavil (amitriptyline) for a short while. We were never sure whether it helped or not, because he slept 24 hours a day as soon as he started taking it . He would literally just get up to cath, maybe get a drink, and right back to sleep. I wonder if that side effect would stop eventually?
    Same thing for me. Complete zombie on that stuff. Been off everything for years now and feel much better. Legs hurt like hell often but nothing helped more than it hurt so I just deal with it.
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    That is how I am on these meds , I do take gabapentin but I really do not see any relief from it and often wonder why I both , though I do know if I try and get off of it there will be a ramp up in pain but as I've had others tell me they stopped taking these meds and found their pain was no different.

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    The paw one for me too.
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    That's funny, zen! And you've reminded me of something else that now makes me laugh. I had a collection of pots with herbs near my front door. (This was before my sci.) Oregano, stevia, basil, hot peppers, thyme, rosemary, and catnip. But the neighborhood cats would come and roll in my herb garden. So, I had to build a mesh enclosure around and over the whole collection. One day, as I drove away from my house, I saw a cat jump up on the taut top mesh and lie down on it, smiling. Now that I can't get to the herb garden to cultivate it, and the plants are all dried up, cats STILL come by to visit it. It's too bad that we humans can't get that same satisfaction from catnip...since it's legal everywhere to grow it.
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    FWIW It has never helped me with pain, but helps with my spasms and appetite. If possible try different strains. High CBD low THC (psychoactive) is much less effective for me YMMV. -ket

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    I tried it. It seems to help with my spasm quite well, but does nothing for pain control. One out of two isn't bad. Problem is in NY it is illegal and the Veterans Administration can't prescribe it, even if they acknowledge it works. NY medical marijuana program is cost prohibitive. In my city, there is only one provider to see for it, and the cost is not covered by insurance. It's cheaper to buy off the street than from the sanctioned program. Go figure!
    In time I imagine, it will get approved. In the meanwhile, guess I'm stuck with spasms, pain, and pills.

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