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Thread: DVD R DL's on old devices

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    I copy movies to my computer to watch whenever I want. When I want to make a copy using dvd shrink, it automatically sets the compression rate for it to fit. You can convert your mp4 file to a ts file and use dvd shrink to compress it and burn it to dvd.
    I will give that a try -thanks

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    No problem, if you have any questions, let me know.

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    I have double layer DVD+R drives supported by OS (GNU/Linux and Mac OS X). The problem is getting blank 9.4GB DL discs in Australia. The result is I need to transcode to shrink to 4.7GB SL discs. At normal viewing distance, you won't see the diff anyway.

    Windows needs DVD-RAM or UDF as it can not transfer data in real time. With an actual OS can burn ISO in one hit so that it can be played in a DVD player. The MIPS *BSD based players may not understand Windows ones.

    VHS has a funny format so machine may have trouble synching. I used to fix VHS a long time ago. You will need to capture data in real time. A WIndows PeeCee may not do this reliably unless the software can take over from Windows.

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