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Thread: insane abdominal pain non stop

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    insane abdominal pain non stop

    Im 21yo , t9 level and the abdominal area is driving me crazy. Other than that everything is ok , ive learned how to deal with leg spasms and feeling but the abdominal area is really strange.

    The root of this insane pain is all from the bowel and bladder management i guess.
    I do my bowel routine every day using Glycerine suppository and do intermittent cath every 3 hours.
    The pain I confuzes me about the fullness of my bowel and bladder.
    I feel it always swollen inside and in the left side below the ribcage i feel a really strong pain from time to time.
    It can be seen with clear eyes that it spasms the whole time near the belly button.

    For the moment the only medication im taking is antispasmic oxybutinin Uropan. Should I be taking anything else to relief the pain ?

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    Do you have any spasms elsewhere? I am sure that it is uncomfortable at best and painful at it's worse, but I would hate to see you go on medication if there is something else you can do. Have you spoken to your doctor about this? Is there anything that you do that makes it better? Worse?

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    Re: "I feel it always swollen inside and in the left side below the ribcage"

    You may be describing the left upper quadrant of the abdomen.

    There are a number of conditions that can cause pain in this area.

    Has your doctor examined you or gotten any diagnostic tests?

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    Hi...sorry to hear about your pain. I've been in 24/7 non stop pain for over 3 yrs now and just recently think I've figured it out. My pain is below my breasts and above my belly button right in the middle of my upper abs and wraps around to the left all the way to my back bone. Abdominal, leg, and back spasms increased by 100% and my diaphram feels like its in knots. I have had every test done except an MRI of my spine. Went to pain management specialist and he said he thinks it's a bulging disc between L7,8,&9. Had an epidural steroid injection on the 22nd and got a little relief but as of today the spasms are back in full force. I know now that i hurt myself while playing rugby. This pain has destroyed the last 3 yrs of my life. Ask your doctor if your pain could be coming from your back.

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    yesterday night i emptied my bowels better than days before and now i feel better.
    Problem is that when i have this bloated stomach and swollen belly i also feel stuff moving around there.
    If i press my intensines lightly they do strange noises. Feels more like gas moving around.

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    It could be from gas. However, there could be other causes. Where in the abdomen is the pain? Right side could be gall bladder issues. Lower right side appendix, which can also be located in other places. I would encourage you to see a gastroenterologist and see what he/she says. They may be able to help you figure this out. Remember, just because you have a spinal cord injury, does not mean that every other medical problem is related to it.


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    I've suffered for years from sharp, sudden, spasmodic, lancinating and very painful condition in my pelvic region, seemingly slightly left of midline. Perhaps I don't notice it as much during the day, but it is very bad when I'm laying down and trying to sleep. Sometimes the contractions are so bad, it will rocket me out of my sleep. And very often they will come at regular intervals of about 1-2 minutes.

    For years I thought it was spasmodic bladder contractions. After I had corrective surgery for small bowel obstruction during which the surgeon said my lower pelvis was a mess, chock-full of post augmentation surgery adhesions which had pulled my lower bowel into poor positioning, I was hoping the pain would go away but it didn't. Is it better when my bowel is empty? Perhaps, but I'm not sure. Is it neurogenic pain? Perhaps, that's what the doctors say when they can't figure anything else out. That is, if they even know what neurogenic pain is. It may possibly be neurogenic pain secondary to chronic rectal irritation from bowel care, including chronic hemorrhoids. It may be due to pelvic floor musculature dysfunction secondary to long-term sitting. We all have delayed G.I. motility and usually poor and incomplete bowel emptying. That alone could result in lower abdominal pain.

    I wish I knew what may be the reason. I've done the myriad of all of the usual tests. At this point, with other problems I have, this one I have resigned myself to having to deal with.

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    I was plagued with that same kind of pain in the same area and I'm guessing your best bet that it's just gas. Upper right side pain would be related to the gallbladder which I also have had removed. It still healing so I still get a little bit of pain on the right side, but that's from the surgery.
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