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Thread: Any tall SCIs? What kind jeans do you wear?

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    I've been using these ( almost since the day I hit the chair 25 years ago. Excellent quality and they stay up in back. They are very slow on delivery, though. I don't see how you guys keep regular jeans pulled up. Every time I bend over or transfer into an easy chair, I end up with plumber's crack when wearing regular jeans. Plus, I basically have no ass to hold them up anymore. No offense to the plumber's out there...... 6'3", by the way.

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    I wear american eagle active flex. They are kind of stretchy so they fit good while sitting. They also have long sizes mostly on their website. I wear a 29x34
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    117 I buy elastic waist without a length and have the length hemmed locally and the back pockets removed. A little light weight.

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