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Thread: Any tall SCIs? What kind jeans do you wear?

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    Any tall SCIs? What kind jeans do you wear?

    I'm about 6'4 and currently use a 36" inch inseam. It kind of works but after a few washes they shrink and are no longer long enough. Anyone else about that tall? What size and brand of jeans do you wear?

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    So I wouldn't consider myself tall, but nonetheless I have a solution for you.

    I'm 6' tall and in my former life a 32" inseam was about right. Now sitting I prefer a much longer inseam since my knees are always bent and at the same time my waist has shrunk to a 30-31ish. Since nobody makes that the best solution I've founds is to buy custom made jeans online. It's surprisingly affordable and decent quality (nothing like as cheap as you can get off the shelf, but reasonable).

    I've gotten 3 pairs so far from this company

    They run around $60 each and shipping is pretty pricey (don't remember what, maybe $15 to $20), but if you order a couple pairs at a time it comes out to something still under $70 a pair. Quality is decent, sometimes the measurements are a little off (two pairs I ordered with the same waist size were about 1 to 1.5 inches different in waist measurement), but my last pair was a 31 waist with a 36" inseam, which as I'm sure you are well aware isn't something that exists in the stores. But beyond that I got other nice to have options including no back pockets, adjustments in the crotch length and ass length so it looks more natural for a seated position, and custom leg widths because no one makes jeans with the loose fit I used to like in high school.

    These three pairs have been my only jeans for about a year now. I'm perfectly happy with two of them, but the third I the waist is a little snug and there is some fraying around the button hole. Still for me it's worth it to have jeans that don't ride up to my mid calf when sitting in a chair (with my knees at a 70 degree angle all day).

    I had assumed I would get the measurements wrong a couple times before I got them right, but they have an option to measure a garment you already have and make adjustments from there so it's not like you're starting from scratch. I measured a store bought pair that fit me pretty well and added 4 inches to the inseam.

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    Levi's. 38 inch inseam. Generally not available on the rack but easy to find mail-order.

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    I agree with the Levi's 38'

    Quote Originally Posted by endo_aftermath View Post
    Levi's. 38 inch inseam. Generally not available on the rack but easy to find mail-order.

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    Just be careful with regular Levi's. The double thick seams, back pockets, and rivets can cause skin problems.


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    Levis 550's here. I'm 6'3", and use a 34 inseam (kind of long torso making the height). That said, I haven't had occasion to think of them shrinking, maybe Levi's don't shrink as much? No skin issues parked on a J2 Gel cushion for like 14 years now

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    both levi and wrangler have web sites you can order jeans from.

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    I like the jeans that I've bought from Rollitex ( They sell jeans specially made for wheelchair users - high in the back, no thick seams or rivets in the back, 38" inseam. Pricey, but great quality. The good news is that the exchange rate with the euro is strong and when you buy from the USA you don't pay the VAT. Just be sure to email them first to make sure the sizing is correct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baldfatdad View Post
    both levi and wrangler have web sites you can order jeans from.
    dang guys I am or was 5.4' I wore 34 inseam but now as a sitter 30 inseam

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    I wear 30x34 Rustler that you buy at wal mart for 10 Federal Reserve notes a pair. Been using them about 16 years, no skin problems, no shrinkage problems, have a few pairs 10 years old but full of holes. Thinking about putting them on ebay for 200-300 a pair lol. I'm sure thy would sell! 10 bucks each, all I ever buy/wear. Save your money for toys... BTW 6'2" tall and skinny.

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