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Ok by everything you explained he definitely custom. By what you told me bring up a Farrow wrap with your therapist just to see what they say. These can be adjusted independently. Good luck with your search. Medical leg wear is not a specific brand most suppliers carry them good luck!

This is a late follow-up but my Dad did try the Farrow wrap and they are fantastic! This is the best solution we have found for my Dad. They are perfect for people who have fluctuating edema - some days bad, some days better. And they are the best solution we have found if you are tall like my Dad but have very narrow calves due to atrophy.

They take a little practice to learn how to apply yourself, but they consist of velcro straps that adjust to whatever size your leg is that day when you put them on. They work well. The down side is that they are bulky, so if you wear AFOs like my father, you may have trouble fitting your legs into your AFOs with the thick Farrow wraps on. They also only come in one color..... a sickly tan color.

Here's a link to the ones my Dad uses.


This comes with a compression "sock" liner that you put on first that has a bit of foot compression, and then you put on the velcro wrap on the lower leg. There is a separate velcro foot piece sold separately, but that didn't work for us. It caused concerning pressure marks. I recommend getting the leg piece alone, and try it using with just the included liner sock. It is probably enough.

My Dad's edema is well controlled now. He alternates between the Farrow wraps and regular compression stockings. We never had custom stockings made. This is cheaper. He bought a bunch of extra sock liners for the Farrow wraps that he washes after each wear, and washes the wrap itself after 5-6 wears (puts in a delicates bag, and washes in the washer on gentle cycle with a mild laundry detergent - Costco free and clear). He has two pairs of Farrow wraps, and 8 pairs of the sock liners he bought separately.

I also recommend Compressionguru for ordering them. They were a really great company. Easy shipping and returns, as we were trying different types/sizes. Also did a price adjustment for us. Also very communicative by phone and by email. Really a pleasure. Which happens rarely these days, for us....