Hello I was lurking at Apparalyzed and was upset when it went down. I was picking up alot of useful ideas and tips. My injury is just under 5 months old. I had a ruptured disc that was calcified and a piece of that bone penetrated the spine. I did 7 weeks in patient rehab, 2 weeks of home health rehab, and 6 more weeks of day institute rehab. I started back working P/T and now will be going F/T again. I am overweight and have been for a long time which adds a little extra challenge to the daily routines. I am married and my wife has been a very important part of my recovery and of course my caregiver. I have been blogging about my recovery since almost the beginning of rehab. It is a little rough as I am typing often tired and on the app on my phone. I haven't missed a day since I started and it has been an adventure for me to share the experience with my friends and collegues at work. I look forward to learning and contributing what I can to the forum.