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Thread: Angled rigidizer bar on ZRA folding back?

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    Angled rigidizer bar on ZRA folding back?

    Thank you in advance for helping, this has probably been answered somewhere but I can't find it when searching.
    I'm ordering a ZRA and love the idea of an angled rigidizer bar for easier grabbing when on the ground/built in push bar for hubby/and can sling my bag over the back. I think Stephan has one on a fixed back, and I've seen all sorts of modifications on racing chairs to do similar things. Does anyone know if it's possible to create one on an adj. folding 10" back? I've never had an adj. angle back before, DME is guessing 95 angle but I don't know if that will be right. I don't have an engineering/design brain. If it is possible, how do I order it through Tilite? Is there a standard angle for this, height? I'm ordering the air flow sling back but may need jetstream, I don't know what attaches to the sides vs bar.
    Thank you again amazing people for letting me pick your brains!

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    Just tell them you want the bar angled up twenty degrees and as close to the top as possible
    Use that as a starting point, and let your dme and tilite figure out the details

    and you can change the angle of the back after you get your chair
    That's what all those holes and slots on the hinges are for

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    Thank you beecee for giving me a starting point! I emailed my DME and gave them that information, hopefully they can go from there.

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    my 2 cents.

    If you're ordering a folding back, don't pay the upcharge to titanium. They build all their chairs (titanium included) with aluminum backs unless you pay for the ti or order a non-adjustable welded solid backrest.

    Then take it off when you get the chair, take it to a welding shop and have them use it as a template to build whatever you want. Aluminum tubing is cheap, and welders don't know how much wheelchairs cost. The price they charge will be a fraction of what Tilite wants for anything custom.

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