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Thread: Leaking / Urgency to urinate

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    Leaking / Urgency to urinate

    I'm currently taking Myrbetriq for leaking and urgency problems with my bladder. I currently visited with my urologist close to me (not the one at my main spinal cord injury place) and he told me to start taking Vesicare and wrote me a prescription for it. Is it safe for me to switch to it tomorrow morning or do I wait a few days ?

    Also, I had bladder Botox about 4 months ago but it didn't do much for me. I'm still leaking and having the urge to urinate almost every hours when I'm only supposed to catch every 4-6 hours. My main urologist is telling me to have bladder augmentation done but I don't want to do it. What are some other options for me to do ? Should I talk to someone else for a different opinion ?

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    You can take the Vesicare (an expensive, newer anticholenergic) right away, but there is certainly no guarantee it will work better.

    I assume you have already been tried on Ditropan and Detrol, and perhaps another anticholenergic prior to having the Botox done. Who did your bladder Botox? Was there any discussion of trying another round of this before going to the extremes of an augmentation? They do work well if done by an experienced surgeon, but it is a big surgery.


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    Yes, I've been on Ditropan before. A doctor at the Shepherd Center did my Botox the last time and that was about 4 months ago. When she did it the last time it didn't do much good. I think I might have had a uti at the time she did it though. So you think getting another one would be a good idea ?

    I've read on a few sites about something called a cystoscopy or something like that. Can that help ? Also something about bladder stretching. Can that be of any help to me ? I really don't want to just jump into bladder augmentation because, like you said, I've been told it's a major surgery.

    I have an appointment on the 17th to see another urologist at a different hospital for a second opinion. I just really don't want to have to wait that long.

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    How much does your bladder hold? Urodynamics should tell you this. If you find anything on 'stretching the bladder' let me know! Never heard of such a thing done safely.
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    Cystoscopy is just a procedure where they look inside your bladder with a scope passed through your urethra. It is done to look for things like stones, bladder cancer, and bleeding sites inside the bladder. You had cystoscopy as the method of delivering your Botox injections.

    For people with a neurogenic bladder I would be very leary of anyone trying to tell you they could do an auto-augmentation by just over stretching your bladder. This can be dangerous, with possible consequences of bladder rupture, severe AD, and reflux or hydronephrosis which could damage your kidneys.

    I would also want to know what your most recent urodynamics said about both your bladder capacity and your maximum bladder pressures. When did you last have this test?

    We always test for a UTI prior to doing Botox, and treat before doing the injections. This is one time where we treat colonization (prior to the injections) as well.


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