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Thread: self propelled kayaks

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    self propelled kayaks

    Has anyone ever seen this

    or this

    I have two questions for the group . . . 1) would it be worth it to try and adapt one of these so there is an upperbody function and 2) are regular kayak paddles more efficient than the self propelled models shown above?

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    I can't see the point in converting a leg propelled kayak to an arm propelled one, as the leg propelled version is designed to take advantage of the fact that your legs are (usually) stronger than your arms. Assuming you are able to paddle, then I would stick with that, as you can steer much better using paddles than you can using the leg propulsion method (which requires you to control the rudder with your arm/hand).

    I would think that there isn't much difference in speed between regular kayak paddles versus using arms on a leg-propelled version.

    One other thing...leg-propelled kayaks aren't cheap!
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    Hobie makes a pedal kayak that has a custom made trolling motor that replaces the pedals. The motor is called a Torqeedo and is pricey but travels at a good clip and lasts for many miles. They even make a solar charger that powers the batteries as you go.

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