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Thread: Getting a handicap parking violation with a sci

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    Getting a handicap parking violation with a sci

    Five days after my 6 year handicap placard expired I got a $283 ticket. I had a video hearing with an administrative officer of the court and she offered me the opportunity to pay $200 to settle out of court, despite my perpetual disability (C7 complete).

    I have a hearing tomorrow and I can plead guilty or not guilty. A not guilty plea sends it to court. Has anyone dealt with this before? Should I plead guilty and ask for a reduced fine?

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    I have no advice but unreal how u have a ticket and so many violate it 1 day I would fight it

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    I take my day in court. Say you been not feeling good enough to get it done yet. And its probably why you forgot because you not feeling good and hard to get around.

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    I'd look up the citation you were given and see if there is discretion or the fine is fixed.
    If there's discretion, then plead guilty and explain and plead for leniency.
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    It seems crazy that if you get a ticket for your car inspection being expired you can go to court show that you have had it inspected and they dismis it. I do not see why this would not be the same

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    You are only guilty of getting behind in your duties. Tell the hearing examiner the circumstances why you have not been able to renew your placard yet or why it slipped your mind. I have a friend who recently drove in the bus only lane and got a $250 dollar ticket, she talked her way out of it in court. And another who drove with expired out of state plates, another expensive fine. She too talked her way out of it in court saying she couldn't find her out of state title and it had been raining that day and didn't want to walk the 4-5 blocks. I mean really, why punish someone in a wheelchair. Parking somewhere else could have gotten you killed.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    If I was faced with this I'd go for paying the $200 and be done with it. There's a good chance it'll cost more with the court costs, and the hassle of appearing.

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    It happened to me here in Las Vegas. First of all the placard here is good for 10 years so I forgot. I parked in a van access spot with my lift and when I came out I had a $200.00 ticket. I was so mad at myself and who ever wrote the ticket but I was wrong. After I got a passer by to reach the ticket out of the wiper for me I drove directly to the DMV, parked in a handicapped spot and took the placard inside. They renewed it for FREE, so now it's going to cost me $200.00 for something that is FREE. I called the courts and decided to write a letter explaining what happened and send copies of both the new and old cards. They dismissed it with no cost to me.

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    A judge will not make you pay this once they see your chair .. say you were sick when it expired and couldn't get out to renew. In my case it was true - pressure sores and infection. Plus, December's weather was bad .. depending upon where you live.
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    It sounds like someone has it in for you. I drive multiple vehicles and sometimes have an expired permit from 10-20 years ago. I find it hard to swallow having an officer writing a ticket for a vehicle with hand controls. Five days past due isn't going to change your disability and I wouldn't take the $200 bribe. I'd fight it all the way! As many people that use the spots illegal, how could you get singled out by 5 days? Crazy!

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