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Thread: TilLite Splitstream Fork Bearing Replacement

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    Quote Originally Posted by nonoise View Post
    Thanks, so then what we should use is a stiff grease that is highly resistant to water.
    I'd imagine some high drop point grease would seal it well, although in cold weather the bearing would get rather non-bearing-like with the increased drag. I dunno, seems like such a mess to deal with rather than just replace 'em

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    One suggestion for which grease to use...would be a waterproof marine wheel bearing grease. New bearings might be cheaper than a tube of high quality lube.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nonoise View Post
    I've never understood greasing a sealed bearing if that is what is being done. Is it to keep it more water tight? But doesn't the non factory grease on the outside attract dust, grime and sand which can cause problems with the bearing seal?

    I understand the greasing inside discussion. What I am curious about is greasing the outside of the bearing.
    Outside of the bearing I use a dry spray, Remington Rem-DriLube ( This is mainly for friction between then bearings and fork spacers. Dry lube, if used weekly, seems to keep things in check. I use the lube for my guns so it was an easy choice to use for my chair. It dries almost instantly, and unlike regular lube it doesn't trap anything. WD-40 and gun protection products are the cheapest/easiest way to go. Dry lube doesn't last as long but has less friction than regular lube.

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