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Thread: Interchanging Battery Chargers

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    Interchanging Battery Chargers

    I just took delivery on a Permobil m300. The Permobil battery charger power cord in not seating properly into the charger and doesn't reliably charge the chair batteries. I can jiggle the power cord and make contact, but when I let go of the cord or set the charger on the floor, the charger's lights go out. Certainly Permobil will be replace the charger, but meantime, until next Tuesday, I can't use this charger. During the initial break in period, I've been told it is very important to condition the batteries with a full charge each night. Would it be safe to use the charger from my old Invacare TDX-SP to charge the Permobil?

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    I would call Permobil tech support and ask them.

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    I have used one from a TDX on a F3 and a C500

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    If it has a Neutrix XLR connector, and it's 24 volts, which I'm assuming that's all true, your old charger should work.

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    As long as the batteries for both chairs are the same type (typically gel cells), than it is probably fine to use the other charger. The chargers aren't typically made by the chair manufacturer and don't contain electronics specific to a chair. They are, however designed for a specific battery type and using the wrong charger for a particular battery type can damage the battery. That being said, it HIGHLY probably that both chairs have gel batteries, as I'm not sure anyone offers any other type as standard.
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    Yes they are gel batteries, Group 24

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    Finally got a call from the durable medical supplier. Yes, I can use my battery charger from my TDX-SP to charge my Permobil m300.

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