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Thread: Lower Powerchair

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCIfor55yrs. View Post
    6" casters would lower you an inch if they work with the forks. However that will also lower the chassis .The Permobils already are pretty low. You will hang up a lot. I am in the process of getting an M300 with the 6" caster option. They have different forks that will keep the ground clearance the same as that of the 8" casters.
    I spoke with Permobil and the forks are different

    Quote Originally Posted by Tonyy View Post
    Just an idea, Possibly check with your van shop, I know many van floors have plywood and you will notice recessed channels in the floor for the seats to lock into.
    I have had my casters sit into the seat lock areas many times.

    Could they make the floor lower where you drive to make things somewhat better.
    My chair width is wider than the floor mounts. My left tires seat right on the channel pretty much but my rear tires sit past them by the sliding door. I still use my drivers seat also when others need to drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 490 View Post
    When measured in my C500 there was about an inch difference in height to the 17.5" of the F3 on paper. Now that we have the F3 in person it's 18". We didn't try one since when I drive I raise my chair up about an inch due to when the C500 is lowered all the way the seat bottom and plastic covering the batteries touches causing annoying squeaking. I now wish we'd tried one out.
    Since they made the mistake on paper.....Make them take it back and make it right. I think that would be your best fix. Or take it back and get one you can use. they can always get rid of the f3

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    We're now considering air tires not fully inflated. If not I'm going to have to start searching for a lower chair that has a seat elevator.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 490 View Post
    We're now considering air tires not fully inflated. If not I'm going to have to start searching for a lower chair that has a seat elevator.
    I unintentionally tried this last night (bad valve stems), forgot to fill the tires before leaving home. At 2/3 inflated I could not get over the standard door threshold without the Easy-Lock lockdown-pin hitting and stopping me dead in my tracks.

    I am facing a similar problem with my C500 with regard to headroom. When sitting properly in my chair I am at 59.5 inches.

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    I've just taken delivery on a Permobil m300 (mid wheel) with tilt, recline, and seat elevation. It measure 17-5/8 inches Seat to Floor (STF) in the rear and tilted to a comfortable sitting position, 20-1/4 inches STF in front. I am 6 feet 3 inches tall and my total sitting height is 56-1/2 inches. How tall are you "QuadmanJr?" Do you know the STF measurements on your C500? Given the seating problems you other tall guys are talking about, I'm glad I went with the m300 rather than the f3 I tried out.

    Hope all of you can find an answer to your sitting high problems.

    All the best,

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