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Thread: Both 4-AP and stem cell treatment target demyelinated axons for better CNS conduction

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    Lightbulb Both 4-AP and stem cell treatment target demyelinated axons for better CNS conduction

    I noticed some similarities between wumedical's anecdotal SCI neural stem cell treatment case, Asteria's prelim cervical AST-OPC1 reports and reports about use of 4-AP (4-Aminopyridine), a potassium channel blocker. They all appear to target demyelinated axons with poor conduction, a consequence of SCI. Asteria even mentions the target of their AST-OPC1 stem cells is demyelinated axons.

    So I got 4-AP compounded and tested it at 10mg x 4 times a day dose (later went down to 5mg 4x a day due to nausea), after which, as a C4-incomplete I noticed:

    - greatly reduced spasticity allowing noticably faster heel-to-toe walking
    - sweating for the first time down my back -> a marked improvement in sensation
    - increased firmess through the core
    - better hand dexterity and alleviation of shoulder tightness/pain

    These are similar benefits to what wumedical stories say.

    I've then concluded then that anybody contemplating stem cell therapy should consider trying 4-AP first to gauge how much remyelination potential exists, along with functional gains obtained. 4-AP is a lot cheaper than say the US$25k Wumedical stem cell therapy though of course when you're not on it, the benefit is gone.

    Asteria's AST-OPC1 stem cell treatment above and below the injury site is about as good as it gets. Though that's still at a clinical trial phase .

    4-AP or even better 4-AP-3-MeOH support references



    Where to buy 4-AP or the even better 4-AP-3-MeOH?

    4-AP is available from your local compounding pharmacy with a prescription. Looking at 5mg every 2-4 hours dosage. I found 10mg in such doses caused nausea. In Australia, I was paying AU$100 for 100 tablets. A bit expensive for what used to be a bird repellent, so I found a significantly cheaper source that even stocks the better 4-AP-3-MeOH, though that form costs 3.33 times more than 4-AP.

    I'm yet to try 4-AP-3-MeOH but the "requires 1/10 dose of 4-AP" literature of Dr. Shi is attracting me to do so.
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