I am a C5 quad and had Medicaid for 10+ years to pay for attendant care. Once I was working and lost my eligibility for Medicaid, I paid out of pocket for my mother to help with attendant care in the morning and at night. I recently moved out and got married, and am trying to get my insurance provider to cover about 8 to 10 hours of attendant care per week (for showering and bowel program). My insurance says that attendant care is not covered, but I can write a letter to my state's Bureau of Human Resources (I work at a university and am on the state employee health plan) to try to get it covered. Has anybody gone through a similar process? If so, do you have a letter or resources that I can use to convince the state that attendant care is a medical necessity for me that should be covered?

Thank you for any help or guidance you can offer!