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Thread: SCI Nurse - AD symptoms with lowered BP

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    The clinical practice guidelines and all authoritative studies done on AD indicate that the SYSTOLIC (not diastolic) blood pressure reading is the most important. If your diastolic blood pressure is 100, your systolic blood pressure must be significantly higher.

    The systolic is the pressure of blood against the artery walls when you heart beats (which is what can cause a stroke or bleed during a severe AD episode), while the diastolic is the pressure against your arteries between heart beats. If this is too high for a long sustained time, it can cause left sided heart failure. For regular essential hypertension, then the diastolic is equally important with the systolic.

    I think you may have misunderstood your caregivers in rehab.


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    A lot of information was thrown at me 35 years ago and I understand the difference between systolic and diastolic .

    Quite frequently. My blood pressure will be 130/100 what does that mean?. I've also had it at 300/160. This is really extreme, systolic doesn't really do anything like the AD sweats when my systolic blood pressure goes up.

    Looking at this site

    Significant rise in systolic and diastolic blood pressure greater than 20 mm Hg systolic or 10 mm Hg diastolic above baseline .

    my baseline is 70/40 and then my blood pressure goes to 130/100. That's a heck of a move according to the definition, should I just ignore this?

    I may be that my diastolic blood pressure moves much more than my systolic pressure and it always has. Granted, medical science has changed the last 35 years from when I was trained so new information is always good. Thank you

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    It is common that the diastolic blood pressure will also rise in AD, but the most important number is the systolic.

    What is your resting blood pressure (taken when you are not having AD, and laying down flat in bed)???

    Here is a link to the clinical practice guidelines on AD, which is the evidence-based authoritative document on both pathophysiology, causes, and treatment of AD. It is written for health care providers:
    (see page 9)

    Here is a link to the patient/consumer version of the document above:
    (see page 2)


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Alan, you should check your blood pressure in bed with your head flat, and then again when it is elevated. If you don't have a BP cuff, how is this being checked? You can purchase a decent digital BP cuff for less than $40.

    Just repeating though, that it is not AD unless your blood pressure is elevated, generally 30-40 mmHg over your baseline systolic BP (the top or first number). So if your normal laying down blood pressure is 90/50, you really cannot say you are having AD until your systolic blood pressure is at least 130-140.

    Infections, especially gram negative bacterial infections, can cause low blood pressure. Are you on any new meds? Changes in blood pressure can result as a side effect for many medications.

    For years, I used one of those wrist cuffs. Earlier this year, I bought an Omron upper arm cuff. My arm may be a tad below 9 inches in diameter, but it works.

    We can try to take it flat as well.

    I'm not on any new medications. It's the same collection I've been on for I don't know how.

    My pressure injury is healed.

    Thank you for the assistance.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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