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Thread: Dog Swim Hole - Accessible

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    Dog Swim Hole - Accessible

    One of the things that I advocate for is an accessible place where I can take my dog for a swim. Currently, in my county, while we have rivers and creeks, we have no legal place for anyone to swim their dog off leash. EXCEPT, a few times a year, when it rains a lot, I can take my dog to John Barovetto Park in Davis California. Right beside an unfenced dog off-leash area is a drainage ditch that fills up. It gets just deep enough that my dog, Sky, can't reach the bottom in the very middle. It's raining hard today. Next dry day, Sky and I are headed to the park for a swim (her not me). Here's a pic from last year.

    Re advocacy, I just post on local Facebook pages a similar post as this. I let local people know where they can swim their dog to get more general interest in my town providing such a spot year round. My town has parks identified for the future, including a regional park (meaning bigger). Hopefully when it finally gets to be developed, someone will know the town's residents want a dog swim area.

    Oh, I also sent a letter to the city of Davis asking them to run water in the drainage ditch year round to create a dog swim hole. They said no way. So far. There might be better places to create a dog water hole that wouldn't take additional water. I just like to keep the idea in their head.
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    With the ongoing drought in CA, I doubt very much you are going to be successful in getting the city to "waste" water into a ditch or even a seasonal pond area.

    In addition, I have some real concerns about you (and your dog) swimming in rain run-off water anywhere in CA. There is excellent documentation of how such run-off water is highly contaminated with both bacteria and chemicals such as agricultural and gardening fact in my area, our bays and sloughs are often posted as closed to any water contact for up to a week after a rain for this reason.


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    Good luck with your advocacy. Swimming is my golden retriever's favorite activity. We're lucky in Austin to have several lake, river and creekside parks with wheelchair and off-leash dog access. It takes the vigilance of an active local organization (Keep Austin Dog Friendly) to keep the access. The city took some of the largest dog park last year and repurposed it to benefit the music festival industry.

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